Art is everywhere - Naiim Pottery & Myra Ebenstein - France 2021

Myra, a soul friend, a special human being, ceramic artist and art therapist.
Myra live in Dordone area, she gather people from all over France to do art for the heart and soul.
it is the second time I am visiting Myra and connecting together to do art and share love.

For the Raku firing ceramony, Myra invited all the people from the valley and Together we created a Totem that is holding our spirit of life.
The Totem is alive with our phisical and emotional movements.
The Totem is a reminder for the most important things in life under the moon and sun.

As an artist I always feel that art is an international language, it is united and strong, it is a beautiful way to share love and to reflect life. it is very special meeting soul mates artists all around the world.

Im grateful for Myra and Gratefull for all of you that came across my way in france, being a mirror of love full of colors.
Grateful for you to read, and for your echo.
See you next destination.

share love,

I love you