Raku and Urns for embracing life

I am Yishai Simon, ceramic artist and art therapist.

Born and raised in an Israeli kibbutz, I learned to love simplicity and express my thoughts and emotions through nature and soil.
Earth is my mentor and muse ― as I dream, live and breathe. And these are my creations.

When I turned 32 my grandmother left her body with a smile. She was an optimistic, loved woman who shared her love all the time and accepted all human beings just as they are.
 I found death to be a part of life and was inspired by her to create special urns to hold the ones we love. These unique vessels pay respect to the beautiful process that is life.  

Welcome to the amazing world of Raku, a traditional Japanese firing technique.
Let me share with you the way I honor this technique in my backyard.
First I handcraft a vase, apply the glaze and textures.
After firing the vase I take the smoldering piece and smoke it in sawdust.
When I trust and follow the unique harmonic combination of fire, air, water and earth that fuses together each time, I get in touch with the miracle of this unexpected creation.  

The creative process mirrors my feelings and thoughts, flowing through my hands. It allows the stream of the unknown to reveal in each one-of-a-kind piece uniquely.
I invite you to experience these reflections in your own special being.
When you choose one of my creations you choose more than just an urn.
I hope you find these urns a perfect and unique resting place for the ones you love.