Physical Shedding Through Art

Frida called me, "Could you take part in an art project in memory of Itay"?

"Of course", I replied.

…."Limor will be in touch with you to explain everything.  She's wonderful"…

I joined the Inner Eye installation, dedicated to commemorate Itay Steimburger, a dear friend from my army service. The installation was presented at the Midburn event in May 2018.

This installation deals with our ability to shed, and thus free ourselves from, a story or a pattern which no longer supports us in life.  This shedding can occur when we transfer it through the route of our inner eye. The physical shedding was accomplished by hanging a ceramic leaf.

Limor and other friends joined me at my studio and together we prepared 1500 leaves that were hung on a tree in the inner eye.  Each leaf tells Itay's story as well as the life journey stories of each of us.

At the end of the Midburn, the installation was burned.  Of course, the leaves survived. I collected them and speculated what new meaning I could give them: a new life in a new place, bearing a new story and with it, a new meaning.  I contacted a wall artist who lives nearby and together we designed a wall. The wall is decorated with a tree full of leaves and singing birds, for the enjoyment of passers -by.

At the same time, I continued to investigate different patterns in ceramics, with different movement and much thought.  I decided to create leaves in movement, implementing various patterns. These leaves would be hung on walls, each a world of its own with motion and a connection to earth.

Some leaves remained in the natural color of clay, some were burned in a Japanese Raku process and others were burned with different glazes.

Like me, like you, the leaves are transformed and adopt different meanings, each time they move to a new place.  Each time someone sees them, sees you, sees me anew, through their own special eyes.