Handmade Raku Urn 11/20
Handmade Raku Urn 11/20
Handmade Raku Urn 11/20
Handmade Raku Urn 11/20

Handmade Raku Urn 11/20

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This handmade raku URN is a one of a kind piece.
It is a luxury pot made by me smoked and reduction by fire.
It can be used as an urn for human or pet ashes.
It can also be used as a home decoration or a treasure.

This special piece was created as a prayer pot, funeral urn or simply as a decorative art piece for your home.
I created it to hold a small votive candle to be used during a special ceremony or for reflective moments.
This pot is not smooth; it has the texture of naked raku and spots of glaze on it – that is what makes it special and unique.

I made this pot with lots of passion and love, and I hope you can feel it.
I create receptive artifact with my imagination and technique, and I hope you will fill them with your dreams and wishes.

NOT water proof, can be used for dry food.

Height: 9.8" / 25cm
Max diameter top: 4.7" / 12cm 
(My big hands are holding the pot in the pictures)

The shape and colors may vary slightly from the pictures because it is a handmade product in raku tecnique. 
each piece, although similar, is always unique and original and might have small difrence from each other.

Naiim urn creation process