Naiim Pottery, Vases and Urns
Naiim Pottery, Vases and Urns
Naiim Pottery, Vases and Urns

Imperfect Luster, Vase

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This special vase is coated with a Luster glaze and is burnt in a ceramic fire to 1100 degrees.
This ceramic vase is built on a narrow leg, and the larger it developing the larger it can be more receptive.
The colors on the vase vary according to the light and reflections from the surroundings, as us humans, reflected and reflecting every day in our lives, reception more as we grow and develop.
The vases are not waterproof.
If you want to use it for live flowers put some plastic or glass inside.
I made this pot with lots of passion and love, and I hope you can feel it.
I create receptive artifact with my imagination and technique, and I hope you will fill them with your dreams and wishes.


Height: 8.6" / 22cm
Max diameter top: 7.4" / 19cm
Max diameter base: 3.1" / 8cm